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Mulefactory is one of the biggest Fifa coin selling site in the world. They offer services for many different online games which helps players catch up that don’t have sufficient time to play. The website is being run by veteran gamers with a goal to serve the community’s needs by helping them obtain their in-game items, currencies easier and focusing on delivering your orders the safest possible way and as fast as possible.

Mulefactory was founded in 2007 by four european gamers. First they focused on Diablo 2 items but soon realised the demand for services in other games as well. After Diablo 2 many other games began to show up like the EA Sports FC series, PoE, RS and WoW in the coming years. Currently they are one of the biggest shops you can find on the market but the passion to help the gaming community makes them different from the others.

As a market leading company Mulefactory often offers discount coupons in their top games. Events including Christmas, Halloween, Black Friday and Easter are being held every year with different discounts, usually between 10-30% off. Occasionally you can also find random 10-20% discounts which usually last for a week. Their bi-weekly newsletters ensure that you always get notified of these events.

Currenty they offer Comfort Trade in EA Sports FC with a uniquely designed and developed Smart Anti-Ban System. This is the safest method of delivering coins in the history of EA Sports FC series that only Mulefactory uses on the market. This method is just for Mulefactory customers so they can safely enjoy their coins with no worry about possible consequences. The EA Sports FC Coins are delivered with an automated system but the coins are obtained from legit source which includes hand-controlled in-game activities like trading and playing.

The staff of Mulefactory is formed by active players from all around the world. When you contact them, you can be sure that there is another gamer reciving your message and your case will be handled with outstanding care. When something comes up, you can always contact them anytime as they are available and ready to help you 24/7. You can talk to them through the website’s Help Center, email and even Livechat.

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