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Payment Method

Buy Fifa Coins Fast.com makes buying coins easy!

To save you time and energy, we’ve boiled it down to three, trusted methods that will allow you to buy EA Sports FC Coins for the Xbox One. This, primarily, is to ensure that when making your purchase you don’t get scammed or spammed! Instead, leave it to us, and we’ll do all the heavy lifting for you…

Our first, easy to use method is the Mule account. Simply put, this is a new account with plenty of coins, meaning right away you’ll be ready to go! This account will allow you to put together a new team or trade new players with a minimum of fuss. It really couldn’t be more straightforward…

Our second account is the Comfort trade. This requires you pass on your login information to coin suppliers. It’s the fastest way to get coins, but working this way can sometimes make customers a little uncomfortable. It is, then, worth remembering that, for only slightly extra, there’s the Mule account, and also the Player auctions option.

Which brings us to the third: the Player auctions method. This method allows you to put your players up for sale, and have a coin supplier buy them from you. It’s a reliable and fast way to trade players, although at a slightly higher cost. We also recommend you put your players up for sale first, before you place an order!

So, to sum up, all of the above is going to help you to do what you do best: building the best team around! Now, we all know this takes a certain level of skill, knowledge and expertise, but for those who know what they’re doing, there are challenges to be met and rewards to be won. And here at Buy Fifa Coins Fast.com we’ve got the tools to assist you in making the best trades in the business. We can be contacted anytime for more help here, advice and general information, so in the meantime, happy team building…