Sell EA Sports FC 24 Coins

Sell EA Sports FC Coins / Sell EA Sports FC Mule Account

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Sell your EA Sports FC Coins to U7BUY

What Do I Need To Know?

You need to provide your Origin Account login (Together with 6 Backup Codes) to U7BUY. Find the Backup Codes here.
Your account MUST have gained access to the Transfer Market on FUT WEB APP.
Please DON’T log in to your FUT Account on any other devices/consoles for the next 72 hours.
Your account will be returned safely after U7BUY transfers the coins.
The minimum amount of coins U7BUY accepts is 500,000 coins.

When and How Will I Get Paid?

Currently, U7BUY offers the payment via PayPal.
Please make sure you have a Verified PayPal Account which can accept mass payments. Otherwise, the payment may be delayed or blocked.
Normally U7BUY will complete the transfer and make payment within 3 days after receiving your account. It may take longer on weekends or holidays.

Note: It should be noted that PayPal charges transaction fee, which has to be borne by you.